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Publish and sell your work for the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPhone in just four weeks.

Started by authors for authors. We take your work from finished manuscript to global digital distribution on the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPhone with effortless and guaranteed delivery in just 4 weeks. You retain all rights to your work and to your royalties.

Meta4 Press helps you get your work (be it fiction or nonfiction, novel or article) on the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPhone

Meta4 Press simplifies getting your book published and ready to sell on the Amazon Kindle Store and the iPhone.

We accept your work as a Word, PDF, or RTF file, professionally convert it for the Kindle and the iPhone, and set up your product page on

Starting at just $499, your work can be published and ready for sale on today’s fastest growing reading platforms within 4 weeks.

Why Meta4 Press?

We are authors and editors who have an intimate understanding of the problems you face getting your work published traditionally and digitally. Meta4 Press has the answers to your most pressing questions: How do I get my book on the Amazon Kindle? How about the iPhone? Do I have to hire a programmer? What will it look like? How do I get jump-start sales of my book? What will it all cost?

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